IT Cost Management software that drives business performance through data analytics

Strategic IT investment insights to transform your cost structure in a digital, hybrid world

Our product, CostLens, generates IT cost metrics by combining IT & Financial data and algorithms

TCO and Unit Costs of Applications and Infrastructure

…for reliable, robust Transformation business cases

TCO and Unit Costs of IT Functions and IT Assets

…to control, benchmark and optimise
IT costs

True cost of serving Products, Business Units and Middle/Back Office

…for Profitability, Showback &

Track all these metrics
on a like-for-like basis

…to demonstrate & monitor
IT value

CostLens’s core value is that it helps CIOs and CFOs to…

  • Efficiently manage Technology’s operating cost through greater Cost Transparency
  • Optimise Technology costs, with a typical 25% reduction in structural costs achieved
  • Increase returns on Technology & Product investments

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This is the most accurate cost analysis I have seen in 30 years.
Group CIO, FTSE 50 firm
Within weeks, CostLens gave more transparency on the shared service centre charges than I can see for my own cost base.
Entity CEO, FTSE 50 firm
An effective X-ray machine for Technology costs.
Group Head of Commercial Services
Like your mobile phone bill - a robust bill of IT alongside your Service Management report.
Head of Shared Services

A case study on how a leading Financial Services firm implemented a Chargeback framework for its Shared Services Centre

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IT Cost Management for the ‘New Normal’

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