CostLens for Technology Business Mgmt (TBM) / IT Financial Mgmt (ITFM) Teams

CostLens© is a Next Generation big-data TBM solution

CostLens offers pre-configured cost algorithms that align with industry-standards, out-of-the-box Best Practice IT Cost Reports and flexibly adapts to your organisation's data maturity to lower operational costs

Traditional TBM tools are based on outdated technology which restricts flexibility, limits functionality, makes it difficult to use and expensive to maintain. Key drawbacks are…


High TCO: Inflexible to changes in surrounding Data and Tool ecosystem

TBM tools consume data from multiple data sources. Regular changes to this ecosystem require significant programming skillsets thereby increasing costs.


High TCO: Requires hours / days of excel analysis to answer strategic questions

The current tools require significant amounts of time and effort of excel processing to be able to answer business queries


High Implementation Costs: Requires additional programming to reflect complexity of today’s multi-entity Operating models

Today’s IT teams operate globally across multiple countries servicing global multiple Product lines and middle/back office departments. Traditional TBM tools can’t handle this complexity out of the box and requires expensive programming for one-off setup and ongoing maintainence.


Traditional relational databases loose end-to-end cost insights

Traditional TBM tools program multiple layers of data transformation to meet the data requirements of its out-of-the-box reports, thus loosing insights along the way

CostLens© addresses all these drawbacks.

CostLens is built with a state-of-the-art IT Cost Modelling engine with pre-built cost algorithms that aligns to industry-standards and offers a ready-suite of Best Practice IT Cost Reports that flexibly adapts to your data maturity.

1. The IT Cost Engine is fed by your data
Financial data
Chart of Accounts
Infrastructure data
Service Catalogue
Network (optional)
Software Assets (optional)
Operational data
Staff / Timesheet (optional)
This data is enriched with thousands of out-of-the-box industry-standard reference datapoints to improve accuracy. Further, we understand data is not easy to get, so the Engine flexibly adapts to varying levels of data maturity.
2. Automated Best Practice IT Cost Reports
Leverages modern
technologies to display easy to
understand reports

CostLens’s offers all the functionality of traditional TBM
tools and more


Presentation Ready IT Cost Reports

No need to import data into other data visualisation tools before you present to senior stakeholders


Ready answers for your strategic questions

No need to invest hundreds of hours in excel analysis to answer queries


Easy to maintain

No programming knowledge required to configure the IT
Cost Model and requires fewer personnel to manage as well


Elevates the value of the TBM team

Spend less time on programming and post-excel analysis and more time on supporting your senior stakeholders with strategic initiatives


Compare any 2 scenarios

No longer restricted to budget-to-actuals comparisons. You can compare Budget vs Budget, Budget vs Actuals, Budget vs Forecast, Current State vs Target State, etc


Multi-entity ready

Out-of-the-box support for Today’s global IT operating model servicing global multiple Product lines and middle/back office departments


Automated Showback/Chargeback/Inter-company charges Reports

All offered out-of-the-box. All this with clear permissions control.


Automated Divisional Profitability Reports

Surface the true-cost of servicing Business Units, Products.

CostLens is the only tool that uses a big-data engine to enable end-to-end cost analytics that is critical to isolate cost problems

The uniquely designed ‘SplitLink’ framework is aware of cost metadata and automatically builds end-to-end cost relationships at a low level of detail. This helps isolate and drill down on problem areas easily.

This is the most accurate cost analysis I have seen in 30 years.
Group CIO, FTSE 50 firm
Within a few weeks, Amalytics gave us more
transparency on the shared service centre charges
than I can see for my own cost base.
Entity CEO, FTSE 50 firm
An effective X-ray machine for Technology costs.
Group Head of Commercial Services
Like your mobile phone bill - a robust bill of IT alongside your Service Management report.
Head of Shared Services

A case study on how a leading Financial Services firm replaced its existing TBM tool and implemented a charging framework for its Shared Services

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