CostLens for Shared Service Centres

Change the conversation of your Shared Service Centres by helping customers take informed cost-quality-risk decisions

Shared Services Centres leverage Global IT teams operating complex technologies across multiple Product lines and Middle/Back Office Departments. Crucial to ongoing success is to provide a bill that is aligned to consumption, communicates value and enables collective cost optimisation.
Distributed Computing
Emerging Digital

Drive accountability of costs by customers of Shared Service Centres

CostLens’s pre-built Cost Algorithms aligns costs to consumption of infrastructure.


Demonstrate value of Shared Services in a language your customers understands

Easily demonstrate savings delivered for each category, despite cost uplifts to overall IT costs.


Enables Cost Optimisation through Transparency and Benchmarking

A deeper understanding of your costbase allows you to optimise costs more easily


Automate periodic Showback/
Chargeback reports of complex,
multi-jurisdictional Shared Service

Reduce operational costs of reporting by leveraging 250+
out-of-the-box reports and model the complexity of
modern global enterprises with ease.

Granular Permissions Control

A user-centric user-interface combines ease of navigation and user permissions for each customer of your Shared Services.

Entity-level Permissions Control

  • Allow users to view select specific Source Legal Entities
  • Allow users to view select specific Target Legal Entities