CostLens© is an IT Cost Management Software

CostLens offers a state-of-the-art IT Cost Modelling engine with pre-built IT Cost Algorithms and Best Practice IT Cost Reports

CostLens has a flexible IT Cost Modelling Engine with pre-built IT Cost Algorithms

These cost algorithms build the cost relationships between your IT Infrastructure & Service data, Procurement data and Financial data enriched with external datasets.


CostLens automates Best Practice IT Cost Reports with modern visuals

A user-centric user-interface combines ease of navigation, user
permissions and slick visuals.


The IT Cost Allocation Methodology is aligned to reputed industry-standards

Enhance the accuracy of your IT cost analysis by aligning to industry standards to enable easy benchmarking.


Enriches your data with thousands of pre-built industry-standard datapoints to generate accurate IT costs

With significant investment decisions at stake, CostLens enhances the accuracy of your IT costs by adding industry standard reference datasets to your company’s data.


All this delivered via a SaaS-based platform fully compliant with rigorous security standards

We are compliant with ISO27001 standards and with UK & EU data protection regulations.


Authenticate easily using popular Single-sign on (SSO) systems

Enable single-sign-on capabilities to easily connect users with third party systems.

CostLens is the only tool that uses a big-data engine to enable end-to-end cost analytics that is critical to isolate cost problems

The uniquely designed ‘SplitLink’ framework is aware of cost metadata and automatically builds end-to-end cost relationships at a low level of detail. This helps isolate and drill down on problem areas easily.