CostLens© provides unprecedented
transparency of IT costs and generates IT Financial insights to help take bullet-proof decisions


Breakdown the IT costbase in multiple perspectives

In addition to the traditional Financial View, CostLens generates additional views of costs:

  • by Cost Categories
  • by IT Assets
  • by IT Functional Groups
  • by Applications
  • by consuming Business Units / Products

Analyse the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Infrastructure and Applications

Understand the underlying cost levers that contribute to the
build-up of costs, so you can clinically address high-cost items


Understand the unit costs of

Understand the fully-loaded costs of
infrastructure inclusive of all relevant contracts,
staff and other charges such as depreciation


Compare cost performance against
250+ industry-standard benchmarks

Compare costs against Asset, Functional and Service-level
benchmarks for your peer group


Present a ‘Bill of IT’ to internal
consumers of Technology

Showback/Chargeback reports that isolate costs of
IT driven by each Business Unit or Product to
understand the true cost of servicing each


Easily track periodic movements for
all above metrics

Forecast and track all the above metrics – TCO, unit costs,
Bill of IT, etc – on a periodic basis


Easy to maintain

No programming knowledge required to configure the IT
Cost Model and requires no headcount uplift to manage as well


Multi-entity ready

Out-of-the-box support for Today’s global IT operating model servicing global Product lines and multiple middle/back office departments


Automate Inter-company charges

No programming knowledge required to configure the IT
Cost Model and requires fewer personnel to manage as well


Automate Divisional Profitability Reports

Spend less time on programming and post-excel analysis
and more time on strategic initiatives