CostLens for Post-merger M&A Integration Programmes

Enhance confidence of the Board by identifying and demonstrating synergy savings in a fast-paced environment

Post-merger M&A Integration Programmes are complex initiatives spanning multiple legal jurisdictions, operating & support models and IT architectures. Crucial to success is the ability to quickly understand the cost of both parties, identify synergy opportunities, rapidly model different Target scenarios and articulate their cost-benefit impact.

Creates full transparency of pre-M&A and post-M&A baselines of both parties in multiple costs perspectives

Understand your cost base in additional perspectives

  • by IT Assets
  • by Functional Groups
  • by IT Infrastructure
  • by IT Applications
  • by Products Lines and Business Units

Scenario Modelling to understand options for cost structure of Target Operating Model, Infrastructure & Application Platforms

The ability to rapidly model various scenarios and articulate the financial impact of these options to stakeholders is crucial.


Identifies synergy opportunities to optimise costs

Easily identify overlapping capability, aligned to common industry-standard frameworks to benchmark and optimise costs.


Automated tracking of savings despite cost uplifts incurred during transition

Easily demonstrate savings derived from hard-to-isolate costs such as one-off expenditure and non-M&A savings.

‘Dark-Room’-style Permissions Control

Create a “dark-room”-style of environment, where only designated users have access to specific areas of the tool and report interface.

Granular User Permissions

Restrict user access to specific departments or Business Units so ownership of synergies can be delegated without loosing control of the overall picture.