CostLens for IT Cost Management

Change the IT conversation from Cost to Value and Risk

CostLens provides CIOs with deeper insights of their costbase to help manage costs, demonstrate control and build commercially-robust IT investments proposals.
Distributed Computing
Emerging Digital

A traditional ledger does not provide the IT Financial insights that today’s CIOs need, forcing them to make decisions in the dark

Common IT decisions


Vendor sourcing

TCO & Unit Cost of
IT Functions and
IT Assets

(Iaas, PaaS)

TCO & Unit Cost of
IT Infrastructure components


TCO of Services

Investment/Exit of Products or
Business Units

True cost of servicing
Products or Business Units

Generating these IT Financial metrics on an ad-hoc basis is increasingly difficult and time consuming


The complexity of dozens of vendor commercial models, dozens of infrastructure architectures and complex operating models make excel an unsuitable option.

Learn how ad-hoc Excel based modelling risks millions of capital investments


While other alternatives exist, they are also poorly equipped to handle the complexity

Understand the drawbacks with other solutions

CostLens© is a state-of-the-art IT Cost Modelling Engine with pre-built cost algorithms that aligns to industry-standards and offers a ready-suite of Best Practice IT Cost Reports

1. The IT Cost Engine is fed by your data
Financial data
Chart of Accounts
Infrastructure data
Service Catalogue
Network (optional)
Software Assets (optional)
Operational data
Staff / Timesheet (optional)
This data is enriched with thousands of out-of-the-box industry-standard reference datapoints to improve accuracy. Further, we understand data is not easy to get, so the Engine flexibly adapts to varying levels of data maturity.
2. Automated Best Practice IT Cost Reports
Leverages modern
technologies to display easy to
understand reports

CostLens offers businesses operating in a complex environment with a consistent, standards-based decision framework to manage costs and maximise returns on IT expenditure


Manage your IT costbase and
demonstrate effective cost control

Today’s IT organisations are globally dispersed, operating
hybrid IT Infrastructures and multi-vendor global sourcing
models. CostLens allows you to easily manage your
costbase despite this complex landscape.


Demonstrate value to stakeholders

CostLens offers a suite of 100+ out-of-the-box Best Practice reports that demonstrate value to senior stakeholders.


Drive cost efficiencies to fund innovation

Easily align costs to common industry standards for benchmark analysis, in conjunction with several other techniques to optimise costs.

Generate accurate financials for all your IT investment cases

Investment in IT requires complex metrics such as TCO of Applications, fully-loaded like-for-like comparisons, etc – metrics that are often poorly modelled. CostLens eliminates the guesswork from these decisions

Embeds a data-driven, continuous cost discipline culture

CostLens offers a suite of 100+ out-of-the-box Best Practice reports that demonstrate value to senior stakeholders

CostLens is the only tool that uses a big-data engine to enable end-to-end cost analytics that is critical to isolate cost problems

The uniquely designed ‘SplitLink’ framework is aware of cost metadata and automatically builds end-to-end cost relationships at a low level of detail. This helps isolate and drill down on problem areas easily.

This is the most accurate cost analysis I have seen in 30 years.
Group CIO, FTSE 50 firm
Within a few weeks, Amalytics gave us more
transparency on the shared service centre charges
than I can see for my own cost base.
Entity CEO, FTSE 50 firm
An effective X-ray machine for Technology costs.
Group Head of Commercial Services
Like your mobile phone bill - a robust bill of IT alongside your Service Management report.
Head of Shared Services

A case study on how a leading Financial Services firm implemented a consistent IT Cost framework across all its entities in Europe

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IT Cost Management for the ‘New Normal’ inspects how leading CIOs are managing IT costs in a post-pandemic environment

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