CostLens© changes the IT conversation
– it enables cost control, demonstrates value and improves confidence in investment decisions

Delivers IT Costs Transparency of complex, group entities beyond the basic financial ledger

Modern complex, multi-jurisdictional enterprises demand ready availability of additional dimensions of their costbase to take decisions


Optimise IT costs through greater transparency and benchmarking

A deeper understanding of your costbase allows you to clinically cut costs.


Understand the true cost of servicing
Front Office Products, Business Units or Middle/Back Office departments

Surfacing the true costs of servicing each Business Unit or Product line is
always a challenge as many shared intangibles are hidden

What are the true costs of servicing BUs or Products?


Demonstrate cost reductions despite increase to overall IT costs

Despite the many savings that IT delivers, it gets lost in the aggregate due to inflation and business growth. CostLens allows you to isolate like-for-like cost categories to clearly demarcate savings delivered.


Demonstrate IT value in a language stakeholders understand

It is easy to get lost in IT terminology, of which there is a lot. CostLens cuts through the noise to effectively communicate IT’s value in simple terms that the business understands.

Sample IT Value Statements


Collaborate with stakeholders to optimise IT costs

Many a times, business stakeholders are unaware of the financial burden their decisions are imposing on IT. CostLens helps change the conversation with stakeholders.


One agreed version of the truth so conversations are focused on decisions

In a fast-changing world, it is crucial that the C-level has instant access to reliable insights that the Leadership team can agree upon

Transform returns on Technology investments through
accurate costings for complex decisions

Today’s IT investments are hard to understand and even harder to justify. CostLens
provides accurate Technology cost inputs required to build an accurate business case.

Common problems with Technology cost inputs for business cases

Accurately answer any question on your technology cost base

CostLens builds the cost relationships between your Infrastructure, Vendor, People, Application and Financial datasets to help answer any question on your costbase.

Meets Auditors (and, if applicable Regulators) needs

Generate accurate inter-company billings of technology transactions for each Product, Business Unit and/or Legal Entity