3 Cloud-related funding priorities while preparing your 2022 IT Budgets

Executive Summary:

While there are differing opinions about the end of the pandemic and the ‘new normal’ for IT takes shape, CIOs and CFOs need to take prepare for this “hybrid future” by adopting a new Business-Technology Operating Model to improve agility, budget for containerisation/re-platforming of applications and improve cost control measures for IT to be best positioned.

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It is important to set the context that organisations will likely be operating under. 2 key trends bear capturing:

End of the Pandemic:

There are differing opinions about the end of the pandemic. According to a poll of Senior Executives by McKinsey, due to the availability and effectiveness of vaccines, the peak probability of herd immunity is by the 2021 year-end. This optimism is reflected in a recent EY survey with an expectation that some western countries such as the UK are ‘set to grow at the fastest rate on record’ 1 with a return to its pre-pandemic size by Q2 2022 – three months earlier than forecast.